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What We Do

Empower Family Focused Services (EFFS)  has evolved over many years and aims to play a key role in holistically improving the social, educational, health, cultural spiritual and civic life of the underserved communities in general, and the East African population in particular.  The multilayered support provided by EFFS includes:

Empowering young children to become the next leaders.  With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. 

Empowering families & immigrant community members to lead meaningful and dignified lives and assisting them to assimilate and build connections in America.


Healthcare Support

·        EFFS understands the social stressors and various unique challenges the youth and immigrant families go through. Stereotyping and mental health stigma are prevalent in the immigrant communities. We address mental health issues by proactively educating the youth and families in various settings to prevent major physical and behavioral health crises.

·        EFFS works in addressing and narrowing the healthcare inequalities among the immigrant community with a whole person wellness approach. We identify resources and educate the community to access services (chronic health management, OPIOID and other crises))

·        EFFS creates awareness in fighting preventable diseases and actively helps the community during pandemic outbreaks in accordance with federal regulations and State guidelines. Our approach to the immigrant community will be in culturally appropriate ways.

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 We help youth access resources to help them become the next responsible leaders who can play key roles in transforming themselves, their community and the world. We empower and equip families with life and parenting skills through family focused workshops. 

Scholarship & Grant Support:

Identify resources and help students succeed academically. Based on their ability, aptitude and interest, we collaborate to find their unique pathway to college/career and guide students for college success (ACT, SAT, explore scholarship opportunities, college admission guidance,  etc.)

Conference/Study Rooms
Minimal Office

Conference & Study Rooms

​Our conference rooms and computers give our community access to the following support and resources:

  1. Research and homework 

  2. New immigrants can learn computer skills 

  3. Printing helpful materials 

  4. Networking 

  5. Study/quiet rooms

  6. After school tutoring rooms

  7. Meeting rooms (workshop, seminars, etc)

Basic Resources
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Basic Resources

We aim to  play a key role in improving the social, educational, health, cultural, spiritual and civic life of the underserved communities in general and East African population in particular. 

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We instill spiritual and moral values in our children by involving them in  local community services. We also arrange volunteer opportunities to serve their country of origin during high school or college  summer breaks.

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