Empower family- 2022 major events  

1. Student Guidance & Coaching 

Objective:  Preparing the next generation 

Outcome: We are driven by a single goal; to contribute our best to the community and make a difference specially in equipping the next generation. In America, this land of opportunities, we can tap the resources and raise our children to become the next responsible leaders who can also play key roles in transforming their country of origin. “It takes a village to raise a child “says the African proverb!

If not the only, educational attainment has been and remains one of the best predictors of success for our children, so investing our resources in our children is of prime importance. Empowering children and guiding students as early as possible will help reach their potentials successfully with less or no trial and error approach.

When: Mondays, Tuesdays , Wednesdays  &  Sundays 

participants: High school to college level students  (middle school will start in 2023)

9th graders : 2 groups (about 20 students) , Mondays 

10th graders :  2 groups (about 20 students), Tuesdays 

11th  graders: 3 groups (about 30 students), Tuesdays and every other Wednesdays 

 12th graders : one group (about 5 to 8  students), will arrange individual schedules as needed 

Expectations: Each student needs to start this program with a strong interest, commitment to participate and stay engaged. We recommend At least a  two-hour weekly commitment. 

2.Year 2022  Educational excellence Forum

Objective: This symposium is intended  mainly to create the importance of education in the the immigrant community in particular to highlight the challenges in our young population.African -American professionals and professors from the academia will  be invited to share thier journey to inspire the youth . Details will be published.

2022 high school and college graduates, and individuals actively volunteering  in the community  will be recognized.

Outcome: We will create a network of individuals who can contribute to positively influence the next generation consistently.

When: Saturday ,July 23rd,2022 (see flyer for details)

3. Parenting skills workshop

Objective: To equip the immigrant community with  the necessary parenting skill tools in this challenging times.Details will be published

When: August 21st,2022  & Dec 11th, 2022

4. Marriage enrichment workshop 

Objective: "Marriage is like a garden, if you don't cultivate it, weeds will sprout out " CJ

When: Twice a year. August 21st, 2022 & Dec 11th, 2022

5. Youth summer camps 

Objective: Developing lifelong skills, promoting independence, teaching teamwork, teaching resiliency, making time to play and have fun together 

Who; sponsored  and organized by Ammanuel Church of Portland 

Where:  Aldersgate camps & Retreats, 7790 Marion Rd SE, Turner,OR97392

when:  July 5th thru July 8th ,2022 

6. Youth community  volunteer service 

Objective: Building leadership, life skills and gain empathy for others. Building a sense of purpose, efficacy and making a difference in the lives of others.

Where :Sites being selected and will be announced soon 

when :TBD 

For any questions or to register:text or call Worku Negussie @ (360)  735 0204 ; or empowerfamilyfocusedservices@gmail.com

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